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Ang Lee

Born in 1954 in Pingtung, Taiwan, Ang Lee has become one of today’s greatest contemporary filmmakers. He has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards, winning 2; 4 Golden Globe Awards, winning 2; and 4 Directors Guild of America Awards, winning 2.

Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) swept the Oscar nominations with 10 nominations, ultimately winning Best Foreign Language Film, as well as Best Director at the Golden Globes, and became the highest grossing foreign-language film ever released in America.

Albert Hughes

“ALPHA” is Albert Hughes’ solo feature directorial debut, following acclaimed films “MENACE TO SOCIETY,” “DEAD PRESIDENTS,” “AMERICAN PIMP,” “FROM HELL” and “THE BOOK OF ELI,” all directed with his brother Allen. 

Yann Demange

Yann Demange made his directorial feature debut in 2014 with the acclaimed indie ’71 and was hailed by IndieWire as a “critical darling,” winning Best Director at the British Independent Film Awards and nominated for a BAFTA. WHITE BOY RICK is the much-anticipated follow-up to Demange’s cinematic breakout.