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‘Black’​ ​Comic​ ​Optioned​ ​by​ ​Studio​ ​8

Early last month, Studio 8 optioned the popular Black​ ​comic​ series. The deal was brought to Studio 8 by EVP Creative Jon Silk, who will oversee development of the feature alongside executive Rishi Rajani.

The 6 issue run of Black, published by Black Mask Studios, was created by ex-Marvel and DC digital editor Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith 3 (both slated to be co-producers of the feature film). After a wildly successful kickstarter campaign that launched in February of 2016, the first issue of the superhero series was released just weeks before New York Comic Con 2016. The sixth issue of the Black​ ​comic​ was released in late July 2017. All issues are currently available at comic shops everywhere, as well as digitally at Comixology.

In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Black​ ​comic​ follows the life of young African American Kareem Jenkins after he falls victim to mistaken identity and police brutality as he is shot multiple times in Brooklyn. He survives, and soon discovers that he, as well as many others of African descent, possess superpowers. As he comes in contact with his unique peers, he finds out that there is a widespread oppressive global conspiracy to keep these superpowers from the rest of the world, and especially the black community.

Studio 8 was founded in 2014 by Warner Brothers executive Jeff Robinov, and has served as the production company for several films, including the upcoming Alpha movie. This isnt the first time Studio 8 has ventured into the comic world. Last October, Studio 8 optioned Scout, a comic that was written, illustrated, and created by legendary comic book artist Timothy Truman.

For more information about Black​ and other upcoming projects, visit Studio 8 News.

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